When I first began exploring Healing Touch many years ago, I was amazed by the relief I found by something so simple.

At the suggestion of a friend, I showed up to a group offering Healing Touch and two people I didn’t know rested their hands lightly and gently on my ankles and knees and hands and elbows and shoulders.  And — wow!  Something so simple as that relieved an ache I had had in my shoulders and neck from grading papers when I was a high school teacher.

A few weeks before, I had reached out to a sports medicine doctor and his staff who, after some expensive and invasive tests, suggested some pain killers and muscle relaxers.  Those weren’t solutions that I wanted to pursue, especially with the side effects.

But I found relief just lying on the soft Healing Touch table, fully clothed, and something so simple as these heart-centered Healing Touch practitioners resting their hands on my joints for a few minutes made my life so much easier.

And not only did I feel better, I began to wonder how much money — and grief — these little sessions could save me.

As you probably know, Healing Touch was begun by nurses in hospital settingsfor relief of pain and anxiety.  Today, many of us trained as Healing Touch practitioners are not medical professionals.

Maybe Healing Touch calls to you this year?  We hope you’ll consider joining us Tuesday for a session for yourself!

45-minute Healing Touch Appointments
this Tues, Jan 17 at 5:30 & 6:30pm ET
$20 donation requested
791 E McMillan St, Cincinnati 45206
masks welcome/optional
RSVP: claim your spot by replying to this email!

Healing Touch founder Janet Mentgen, RN, envisioned a world with a Healing Touch practitioner in every home.  Imagine how life might be different for you and your loved ones!

Brian Shircliff