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___ times call for ___ measures.

We all could fill in these blanks with something important…something that needs to be heard around the world.  And it’s time we do.

Hear us out on this…some priceless news we have to share.

Life is spinning pretty wildly, in various pleasant and unpleasant ways.  Yes?

We all have gifts that we offer and could offer…to make the journey beautiful, interesting, richer, transformative toward a new way forward for us all.  Yes?

Priceless gifts.

And by sharing these gifts something important might happen for all of us on the planet.  Yes?

Well, we have decided to take our VITALITY Yoga Immersions & Training in a (re)new(ed) direction…to discover what could be possible on planet Earth with a worldwide group of people committed to sharing their gifts in their own neighborhoods.  In some important ways, we’re getting back to our roots at VITALITY.

You might be interested, a friend might be interested.  Maybe both of you?

Please do share our news…that we’re offering our 14th Yoga Training for no tuition…instead a commitment of service, a sharing of your gifts and time…and you’re welcome to bring friends along to help you.

Join Tonia Smith and me as we tell you all about it and give you some free experiences this week…zero experience required with VITALITY’s very different style yoga that you can do on a bed or carpeted floor or in the grass…you don’t even need a yoga mat:
Tues, May 3 at 11am ET
I’m offering a Feldenkrais-inspired yoga class…and how VITALITY’s moving-breathing-resting reaches back to the roots of yoga

Thurs, May 5 at 6:00pm ET
Tonia Smith offers an experience of Neuro Linguistic Programming…meditation wisdom to get you where you want to go in your life

Join Zoom Meeting
(same link for both meetings)

Meeting ID: 832 5160 9291
Passcode: 367969

We’ll be ready to share more information about the program and answer questions too.

There are things each one of us could do to improve life on this planet for all of us, for each of us.

Will VITALITY’s Yoga Circle this year offer an important push toward birthing a new age, toward more and more of us awakening to the equal-value we humans share with all life on the planet, toward ending hunger and poverty and war and global warming…who knows?

One thing’s for sure…we’re going to find out together!

Brian Shircliff

PS…how did you fill in the blanks above?  I’d love to hear from you.  I think I’m leaning toward ‘inviting’ in both of the blanks.