I’m grateful I have interesting friends…

especially ones who know the old(er) stories.

Each day, though, I find myself growing into that old(er) category, and yet those old(er) stories revive me, give me hope, renew a youthfulness in me.

A friend of mine recently told me about how, during the Vietnam War, some friends of his got into a fight.  It was a tumultuous time, I’m told.  I was born during the war.

What made the fight memorable for my friend was that those who were fighting were not only peaceful protestors, they were the organizers for the peaceful demonstration.  Imagine!

My friend found himself losing hope quickly — until he read William Lynch’s Images of Hope.  Do you know that book?  I’ve loved it since first coming across it in the college library.

Lynch makes the point, during his own reflecting on times of desolation in his own life, that the way through despair is through it — take one step forward.  It’s enough to inspire some hope.  Do some small and positive act, anything.

Then take another step, and then another step — each one inviting more and more hope.

Before you know it, Lynch points out, you’re through it.  Even the smallest of steps is a step in a new direction, toward a new horizon and possibility.

Next week we’ll have some amazing news to offer about our 2022 Yoga Circle — it’s an opportunity that invites a new step, hope, not only for those who participate…for the world.

This will be our 14th offering of this opportunity — 13 yoga-circles over the past dozen years that have changed me each time.  Each participant’s experience and unique voice have inspired in me hope for the future — even when the news channels report otherwise.

My friend from the Vietnam era told me that simply having a copy of Lynch’s book nearby — even in his back pocket — reminded him that hope was possible, was real.

In our Yoga Circle this summer, we won’t need a book nearby to remind us of hope because we’ll have each other…and the power of moving and breathing and resting and contemplating and growing together.  Stay tuned!

Let’s dream a new world into being…let it unfurl us into something so stunningly beautiful, flowers of our new season.

Brian Shircliff

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