I had so much fun at Tuesday’s free livecast — hope you did too!

If you missed it, the replay will be available for a few days, so catch it while you can and hear how my own yoga ‘practice’ has evolved — and how I’m stronger and more tuned into my body.  I kinda prefer to call it my yoga ‘play’…but whatever word works best for you.

TODAY, TODAY, TODAY Cynthia Allen rounds out the 3-part Series with a talk about Osteoporosis and how every human eventually gets it.

But there are some great things we can do to prevent it!

Join us live at 10am ET for a chat and a few more movement processes that relieve pain and help with our walking so we can build bone on this gravity-rich planet.  Walking well builds bone!

If you’ve already registered for the 3-part Series, then you have the Zoom link for today and the link for the yoga-replay.  If not, register by clicking here.

Bones for Life is life-changing — and will put a smile on your face the more and more you delve into it!

Brian Shircliff