Cynthia kicked off our annual free 3-part Bones for Life series with an inspiring start!

So many great #bigaha moments from the session — people finding relief from pain that has been with them for years, sometimes decades.

Could it really be that simple?  That a few gentle moves and a specific way of inviting that movement could resolve chronic pain — and prevent it?

Come find out as I offer something for neck and shoulder pain tomorrow/Tuesday at 10am ET.

Quite honestly, this little process I’ll offer also resolves my foot and ankle pain too.

I’ll also talk about how this system of movement we call Bones for Life could be hinting at the original yoga…something missed by most of today’s 21st century yoga.

You can register for tomorrow’s session by clicking here…and you’ll be able to catch the replay of Cynthia’s session too.

I do hope you’ll join me live at 10am — it’s so much more fun to see you live, even by Zoom.    🙂

Luxuriate in the gentle, helpful change Bones for Life offers!

Brian Shircliff