We do too.

From COVID-19 changing our routines & expectations

to Black Lives Matter and the assemblies of people around the world inviting profound & important awakenings…

there is a great deal of change in the air.

Something new is being born, yes?

We are on an adventure together, welcoming a new world, changing with every wisp of the breeze, discovering together how we might want our shared life & our world to be. Each moment reveals a little bit more…

Is what is important to you today the same as what was important to you last year, 10 years ago, 20+ years ago, all the way back to when you were small child, even back to when you were in the womb?

We are invited to change and grow every day, yes?

May these two offerings help us all welcome this new world being born…


Join Mary Duennes’ Wednesday night CAPACITAR Easy Tai Chi & Healing Touch Self-Care 4-week series at 7pm beginning tomorrow night…June 17, June 24, July 1, July 8. click here to register and receive the Zoom link. Offered by donation…find easy ways to love yourself…and then so much easier to love everyone!


Sue Plummer’s work in Walnut Hills has led to VITALITY becoming the caretaker of what used to be called the Julie Hanser Garden (2627 Stanton Ave, Cincinnati, 45206)!

Sue has renamed this space the Glean & Share Garden (click for a video-tour)…a move to recognize her larger role in fashioning a Southwest Ohio gleaning-network…bringing together volunteers to harvest produce from local farms and putting this healthy food immediately into the local food system in a just way. Food pantries, homeless shelter kitchens, and LaSoupe receive our gleaned produce and the produce grown in the Glean & Share Garden.

Our current Yoga/Healing Touch Intern-Group — VITALITY’s 12th! — meets every Saturday at the Glean & Share Garden from 8 – 10 am to volunteer either with the Walnut Hills gardens or with gleaning projects as farmers reach out to us.

We meet wearing masks, socially-distancing, and follow a long list of helpful protocol to keep one another as safe as possible in this COVID-era.

Would you like to join us? Meet some of the new yoga-crew? Make a new friend?

Reach out to Sue at sw-ohio@endhunger.org and she will share with you all you need to know.

May the new world being born find us flexible, loving, rooted, and strong . . . ready to embrace each human person and every creature, THE ALL!

Brian Shircliff
program director

PS…I’m grateful to Tonia Smith for her wisdom in our Yoga/Healing Touch group, pictured in the center wearing her stylish mask. Mary Duennes (wearing blue) & Sue Plummer (by the garden gate). Thanks, wonderful friends!

PS…stay tuned for VITALITY’s 10th anniversary plans this Fall!