before the Kali Yuga, an age that ancient yogis said began 4000 years ago and will end ~426,000 years from now (!)

Kali Yuga means the age of strife (!)
the age of quarreling (!!)
the age of struggle (!!!)

(take a breath)

There was a day
on this earth
1000s of years ago
when we prospered —

without slavery
without any kind of boss-slave games
without anyone trying to put themselves over another

because there was no ‘other’
instead, only THE ALL
all of us swimming, dancing, swirling in life
in love with life
and never a need to tell a story
or sing a sing about life —

why ruin your bliss by speaking?! —



Know your being.


How did that bliss end?

Where did we all go wrong?

I mean — you’ve know bliss too, yes? it wasn’t in some ancient age only, right?

maybe we went ‘wrong’ when we decided that there was an ‘other’

— something better than another — a ‘good’ & a ‘bad’
— something to control
— something inside myself that needs to be destroyed, pushed down, disguised, covered up

And all that then enacted
a dynamic
a splitting
a power to power
a one over the other
an ordering where something is considered better than another

and then that hierarchy dominated, grew catchy,
grew to be the only way it simply is —
that old boss-slave game

instead of

noticing we’re all swimming in the same big-bowl
all so different and amazing
kaleidoscopic, holographic
swimming in and out
in this big-bowl

of energy

that is the Uni-verse
the One-verse

that is inseparable
nothing ‘better’
than ‘the other’
because there is no ‘other’

only us.

how to get back to that non-dichotomous life?

babies know it

but I don’t know myself —

at least not enough of ‘me’…

maybe we all (ALL) do though:

perhaps it’s in the wind,
in listening to it / us roar &
quiet, in feeling it come, 

and in noticing that
its coming & going
is really just a farce ——

how does the atmosphere ever stop?

— Brian Shircliff, written during the June 10, 2020 Inner Journey led monthly by Penny Costilla