On Wednesday, April 22, 2020, our Board of Trustees made the difficult and wise decision to permanently move out of our space in Norwood, to expand our current online offerings and book-creation, and to look for a larger, permanent home for VITALITY in 9 – 12 months from now.

With the need for AT LEAST 6 feet of space between participants, it looks like it would be 12 – 18 months before we could fully and safely open our current space.

When Governor Dewine gives us all permission, we will offer some of our programs outside, including our gardening & gleaning opportunities led by Sue Plummer at the Glean & Share Garden in Walnut Hills.

Tonia Smith and I are continuing to offer our 12th Yoga/Healing Touch Internship via Zoom, Stephanie Beck Borden continues to organize our Healing Touch self-care opportunities and training as best we can via Zoom (some great ideas are on the horizon), and CJ Pierce and I continue to share yoga and self-care classes via Zoom.

I see an incredibly bright future for us all, and am inspired that two of our wiser elders — Richard Bollman SJ and Mary Duennes — are even busier teaching online these days than ever.

A new world is dawning . . . what a gift to catch a glimpse of it!

How can you help?

  • pray / meditate / set the intention that we find the perfect space for our next move
  • buy a book or three — reduce our inventory so that we need to store as little as possible (there is a new discount when you buy three books, just use the code 10off60 and receive 10% off!)
  • take a Tuesday/Wednesday Zoom class, improve your own health, and then make a donation to VITALITY — reply to this email and I’ll share the Zoom codes
  • please reach out to me if you’d like to participate in our VITAL ACTION to gather funds and ideas for establishing a more permanent home for VITALITY so that all of us at VITALITY can do our part to grow human health & possibility on this amazing planet (we’ll meet via Zoom once a month beginning May 4)
  • please reach out to me if you’d like to help us move (have a moving van? a dolly for large items like desks? are strong and can help me move just a few heavier items we have?)

We made a bold move to begin this little VITALITY project in 2010.  Since we won’t be able to gather to thank our space and share memories and thanks together, please check out our video HERE . . . we are all so grateful to so many people.

Please join us in making more bold moves aimed at growing life and love for our planet and one another!

We are grateful to you all, friends!  You are VITAL to us and loved dearly!  Stay well and thrive!

Brian Shircliff
co-founder & program director

with our Board of Trustees:  Richard Bollman SJ, Mary Duennes, Mike Eck, Carol T Yeazell
& Emeritus Board Members:  Joyce & Tom Choquette, Kevin Laskowski, Jack Lennon, Joan Lichtman, Micah Richey, Sue Saylors

our new mailing address: VITALITY Cincinnati, 5902 Kimberly Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45213