Matt Klooster and I are so grateful to all of you for supporting our winds of (r)evolution…Matt’s paintings and my poems.

Yesterday as we were working on the book, Matt mentioned that this is in some ways my first original writing in that my other books from The Naked Path of Prophet series are all translations and commentaries of someone else’s stories. Truth!  It sure helps to have a friend offer a helpful perspective!

It does feel a little strange to be putting these pretty personal poems into our world…though Matt and I share a vision that realizes we humans would be wise to act and to act wisely and with love with every issue facing human beings today.

And there are a lot of issues!

And we humans can do it and can discover joy in the process….

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Decision-Making Worksop
tomorrow/Saturday, May 18
led by Paula Dunson
in-person at VITALITY!
3 – 5 pm

Are you having a hard time making a decision about something in your life?

Is there something you are finding difficult to discern?

What if you could connect with the answers that are already present in you? What if it did not require you to talk but rather to connect with your body’s innate intelligence?

Join us for a free workshop where we will practice some techniques to connect with our eternal and higher wisdom.

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The decisions we make and don’t make shape our whole experience on this planet.  Gift yourself this free decision-making opportunity and our new winds of (r)evolution book and may we all grow in love!

Brian Shircliff