Have you noticed the difference in life when you gather with long-time friends and new friends and sit with everyone in a circle?

There’s a certain power to it —

and an assumption that we all have a voice in the circle, that we are equals with one another, yes?

You can look more easily in each person’s eyes, hear more readily each person’s words and sounds, maybe even feel something flowing around the circle. Even on Zoom sometimes, yes?

In a circle, we can all share ideas and questions, wonder about them, playfully tell of experiences that might contradict what was said before . . . all of it letting a greater wisdom emerge.

That’s how we began VITALITY in 2010, and we celebrate tomorrow those 10 years and many more to come…a group of people who agree on some things and disagree on others and we continue to learn from and with one another.

A couple things we do agree on is the importance of breathing, moving, resting, growing food, sharing life together — though we don’t all agree on the specifics of how those things ‘should’ happen with every single person on the planet.

We find ways to grow with one another and with the shared-solutions that emerge when we gather. We hold these things lightly, let them unfurl and grow to how they might like to be.

Consider joining us tomorrow as we watch together our 25-minute documentary created by Maney Media & Liz Smith. We’ll have time to chat with one another too, if you’d like…or simply listen in on the conversation.

Send me a text or contact me through our website to RSVP for which showing is best for you…11a, 12:30p, 2p…and I’ll send you the Zoom link.

We have decided to be a team-player and postpone our Nov 1 Open House at the Glean & Share Garden until after our county moves out of the covid-purple range. So stay tuned for news about that!

Not sure how we’ll all ever move forward with all of our different opinions and perspectives on this vast planet? Neither are we. But we have a hunch that bright ideas will emerge when…

we sit together in a circle — especially with people who might have a different perspective from you and me,

see the living, breathing human beings in the circle with us,

enjoy delicious food together — especially when we grow it together and prepare it together,

breathe and move and rest however each person chooses for oneself to delight in life, to feel good, to grow on one’s own terms, in one’s own way.

That’s the power of a circle…our planet’s future and yours and mine can be amazing!

Brian Shircliff
program director

PS…Have you registered for Turning Challenges into Possibilities for the Special Needs Family — a free, online Feldenkrais Awareness Summit…Nov 5 – 10…register here