Where do you . . .
* meditate?
* pum-pum?
* grow your own food?
* discover your prejudices and find ways to grow beyond them?

Maybe the answers to some of these questions are more obvious than others for you?

Meditation can, of course, be what and how you like . . . prayer, staring into space, going into a trance, sitting with a cup of tea and watching the flowers unfurl.

Some say that the medicine of the 21st century will be meditation & visualization. Can you see it? (!)

Ruthy Alon, founder of Movement Intelligence & Bones for Life, feels that way, that visualization will be the future medicine. Some of us have certainly found ourselves improved by meditating. You?

Ruthy is the pum-pum inventor. Not sure what that is? It might save you a lot of grief and pain. It might help you to stand tall in who you are. And it’s easy! Click here and check it out.

How much longer will you and I rely on big-box retailers for our food when we can grow much of our own or hire a local farmer to grow it for us and spur the local economy? Or maybe you’ve joined a community garden and share seeds and ideas with friends there. Grow your life and livelihood together. Know something of the spiral of life together.

Maybe you have a curiosity about your prejudices, about the ways you experience life. Maybe life is much bigger than you and I realize? Maybe you have interest in exploring ancient texts to see how they have influenced my thinking and yours — even thousands of years later. The basement of time and imagination is immense. Next week we’ll be announcing some opportunities to join friends for such conversations this Fall and Winter. Inspire one another to open to new possibilities, new life.

So, where do you meditate, pum-pum, grow food, know the depths of life? The photos with this email tell much of my story…where bees congregate and life spirals and conversation happens.

How about you? Let us know!

Perhaps the COVID-shift is inviting you to be less reliant on what others — modern or ancient — tell you is the way you ‘should’ live and more reliant on your own sensation, your own instinct, your own inner wisdom, your own joy of life.

Maybe you’re like me, needing to learn a few simple things to help yourself live the best life you can and desire. On your own terms. Not dictated by some guru. From and through your own authentic self. Among the laughter and life of friends growing together on the journey.

The Universe is reliable. Come see.

Brian Shircliff
program director

Consider joining one of VITALITY’s donation-based drop-in classes…finding friends along the journey can make all the difference. $10 donation requested per class, pay-what-you-can!

PS…save an hour on Saturday, Nov 7 for our 10th Anniversary celebration via Zoom!

PPS…it’s going to be a lot of fun!