Emergency room nurse Janet Mentgen knew that more was possible with her patients who were in terrible pain.

So Janet studied with a medical doctor who was using hands-on healing techniques with his patients. Janet studied with many hands-on healers — including a NASA scientist — and then brought those ideas into the emergency room with her patients . . .


She crafted a program that would teach nurses (today, non-nurses too) how to gently, easily, in a heart-centered way, use one’s hands to bring change to pain of all sorts, to anxiety, to everything.

Our own Good Samaritan Hospital trained well over a thousand nurses in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Bethesda North Hospital has Healing Touch-volunteers who visit patients who request Healing Touch to speed along their recoveries.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and UC Health have dedicated Healing Touch staff too.

Curious? Want to learn these techniques which ANYONE can use with tremendous effectiveness?

Take a Healing Touch class at VITALITY…Sat-Sun, March 21-22…$497, two significant scholarships left for this March class thanks to the Buswinka Fund.

Enjoy a fifty-minute $10 session with VITALITY’s trained-volunteers with your RSVP to 513.300.5174…

* Tuesday, March 10 at 1pm or 2pm
* Tuesday, March 24 at 6pm or 7pm

Join the Men’s* Healing Touch Learning Group Tuesday, March 10 at 6:30pm — no experience needed (*and all who feel welcome).

Indeed, may there be ‘a healer in every home’ as Janet Mentgen envisioned for a (re)new(ed) way toward health and a new paradigm of medicine for the 21st century!