our yoga classes are more sensation-oriented than physically-rigorous…

perhaps hearkening back to the roots of yoga 3000+ years ago…

more of an invitation to knowing oneself and choosing to live in a more-informed way —
in your own wise way,
on your own terms,
listening to your own heart…

very different from a lot of yoga classes today that espouse a set of postures to follow and try to get ‘right’ or ‘properly aligned’…

VITALITY’s classes are donation-based, $10 recommended…

and our 200-hour training that begins March 28 is also very different:

+ costs $1025 (less than half the cost of most trainings)
+ pay very little up front so you can learn some things the first few months to teach family & friends and request donations to pay your tuition (some have even been hired by businesses and have been paid during the training!)
+ requires 100-hours of gardening & gleaning with the local-food revolution . . . friends can help you with that, and our Gardening & Gleaning Coordinator Sue Plummer will help!
+ learn 4+ styles of yoga you can share so you can teach ANYBODY!
+ grow with a very diverse group of yoga-friends . . . in years past ages 18 – 75+ have participated
+ flexible training schedule, Yoga Alliance registered program

Curious? call/text Brian at 513.300.5174. Only a few spots available!

VITALITY’s ‘yoga invitations’ have received some rave reviews from decades-experienced yoga teachers who have read our book yoga is THE ALL:

“Yoga is THE ALL is a work I have read and am re-reading.
I truly relate to what Brian describes. Ahh!”