yoga is THE ALL: an invitation to sensational life


yoga is THE ALL: an invitation to sensational life’s authors Brian J. Shircliff & the Companions of VITALITY Cincinnati offer questions, experiences, stories, brief histories, quandaries and more about the 3000 – 5000 year very permeable history of yoga.  They invite us to wonder about what yoga was like there in the Indus River Valley long before the shapes (asanas) had names, before there were instructions on how to breathe or meditate, before their were ayurvedic prescriptions on what to eat and how to live based on people’s types, long before yoga became a $16 billion+ industry in the United States.  Through their diverse, personal experiences, the authors invite the notion that yoga can be for ALL to better know THE ALL.

With inspiring contributions by Helen Buswinka, Penny Costilla, Mike Eck, Kristen Iker, Crystal Judge, Leann Kane, Nikki Leonard, Tina Nelson, Aprilann Pandora, Logan Probst, CJ Pierce, & Brian J. Shircliff.  Incredible artwork by Diana Avergon, Julie Lucas, & Parrish Monk.  And short reflections on such greats as Krishnamacharya, Moshe Feldenkrais, Marion Woodman, Ruthy Alon, Larry Schultz, Nganga Mfundishi Tolo-Naa & Vince Lasorso.

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Anonymous, Cynthia Allen & Larry Wells, Davi Brown,
Helen Buswinka, Joyce & Tom Choquette, Michael Conway,
Mary & Tim Cronin, Erin Crowley, Joyce Dicks, Mary Duennes,
Andy Fraley, James Gaunt, Brian Geeding, Ed Hausfeld,
Amelia Herold, Kristen Iker, Gary Johnson, Alex Jones,
Rachel & Matt Kemper, Maggie & Russ King, Mary Laymon,
Allie & George Maggini, Melissa Maxwell, Melissa McNeill,
Mary Ann Meyer, Alice Michels, Parrish Monk, Melanie Moon,
Becky Morrissey, Ellen Noonan, Aprilann Pandora, Bob Reineke,
Alli Shircliff & Rafael Gallardo, Brian Shircliff, Dan Smith, Tonia Smith,
Jean Marie Stross & Daniel Price, Joy & Bob Thaler, Howard Thoresen,
Tricia Watts, Tiffany West, Amy & Steve Whitlatch, John Williams,
Elizabeth J. Winters Waite, Carol T & Bruce Yeazell



Health, remembering oneʼs own wholeness, yoga, THE ALL is only a nudge away!
Discover what Nature can offer from within your own body!

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