200 & 300/500 hour programs

VITALITY Yoga Certification

Come be amazed by what is possible in our own bodies and the bodies of those who come to our yoga classes to be inspired!

Yoga Internship

Get certified as a yoga instructor

Learn Four Styles of Yoga Classes to Teach

Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa / Modified Primary Series, Gentle Yoga, and Chair Yoga

Ashtanga Principles

With a focus on finding ways to modify the practice for any student who comes our way.

Teach the Sanskrit Origins

We encourage our interns to find a voice that is comfortable for themselves and their students

Diverse Classes

People of all walks of life...in their 20s, in their 70s and everyone in between!

Healing Touch

Opportunity to complete Healing Touch Levels 1 – 3 at a very reduced cost.

200 hours of training

learn from and with a diverse group of incredibly experienced yoga trainers.

Yoga Alliance

Our program is registered with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour yoga teacher training program.

Reduced Cost

We ask our interns to offer their time and talent in teaching our classes as they become ready.

Learn More About Becoming a Teacher