Become a yoga teacher for your family, for your neighborhood, for your world!

Become a Yoga Teacher

We have been amazed by the power of holistic self-care in the neighborhoods in which we have worked . . . whether it was offering a series of yoga classes at locations all over Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky or offering bi-monthly Healing Touch-relaxation sessions at CAIN Food Pantry in Northside or Bond Hill Food Pantry or Peaslee Center in Over-the-Rhine.

And while it has been inspiring to see people discover the power of relaxation and the power of being alive and at home in their bodies, we wanted to find a way for some of the recipients of our classes to begin learning how to offer these yoga/wellness opportunities in their own neighborhoods.

As our eight classes of Yoga/Healing Touch Internship graduates can attest, something powerful happens through 200-hours of study and practice-teaching among friends.

Walnut Hills welcomed us to be part of their Thriving Community grant through Interact for Health — thank you!  We have enjoyed working with Betty Waite of the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation, Jeff Brewster of Healing 4 Humanity/Dillard Center, Gary Dangel of Elevate Walnut Hills and so many new friends to welcome a neighborhood-focused Yoga/Healing Touch Internship in Walnut Hills. Fourteen residents/friends gathered on Saturdays at the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation to practice yoga together, to learn how to teach yoga and meditation–especially to beginners–and how to invite change from the inside-out in ourselves first and then in our neighborhoods.  In addition to a very reduced cost, interns were asked to invest 200 hours giving-back to their community . . . 100 of the hours in teaching yoga and offering Healing Touch sessions at our VITALITY-sponsored classes and another 100 hours working to raise vegetables and fruit in the many Walnut Hills’ community gardens. Graduates of the Yoga/Healing Touch Internship earned a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certificate which allows them to teach yoga anywhere.

We worked in Avondale at Gabriel’s Place in the Fall 2015, and in 2016 we began working more intentionally in Bond Hill.  Tikkun Farm welcomed our interns for yoga/meditation, and we kept Walnut Hills gardens continuing to thrive in 2017.  We helped Aprilann Pandora and her Eden Urban Gardens LLC grow deeper roots in 2018 in Wooden Shoe Hollow and her new, very exciting location in Avondale.  Which community / garden would like to be next?