Movement Intelligence®

In a 21-hour immersion among friends and from your own home via Zoom, explore 30 Movement Intelligence processes designed to restore joints to innocence. Discover things you can do for a sore back, knee, neck, shoulder . . . every joint and place of yourself!

Brian Shircliff


Cynthia Allen

Senior Trainer

Ruthy Alon

Founder of Movement Intelligence®

Take Immersion 1 for our own health and curiosity or to become a teacher!

Our next Immersion 1 led by Brian Shircliff:

coming this Spring 2021!

Each immersion is full of gentle movement, relaxation, ways to improve walking for bone health, conversation, and fun. Cost $450, sliding fee scale available.  This Immersion 1 can help you get on track to join Cynthia Allen’s Bones for Life Teacher Training with Future Life Now through 2021.

Discovered at our most recent Movement Intelligence Immersion 1

An 80 year old grows an inch.
A 30 year old can finally move a shoulder in ways that weren’t possible since being a competitive teenage athlete.
Another 80 year old reports now having easy, go-to things she can do on her own to relieve her back pain.
...slow, gentle movements that can restore joints to innocence!
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