Bring a bedsheet, a bath towel, or a Bones for Life wrap and let’s discover if your walking, your breathing, and your whole life could improve with such a simple thing!

a free Bones for Life pop-up event
sponsored by Future Life Now,
creators of the Move Better, Feel Better Summit!

TODAY, Sept 8
10 am EDT
use this Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 873 9550 0747
Passcode: 721702

This pop-up event replaces the usual 11am Thursday class today, and today’s recording will be made available for just a few days before the Summit begins Sept 15 so catch it while you can 🙂

Improve your walking and the whole world grows!

Brian Shircliff

PS…save the date for VITALITY’s 12th anniversary potluck-party on Sun, Sept 25 at 12:30pm at Gorman Farm!  More details coming 🙂

And another PS…Sign up for the Move Better, Feel Better event that kicks off Sept 15!  It’s free, just click here:  https://vitality–   I’m thrilled to be included with the Summit this year as you’ll see through the images below.  VITALITY is an affiliate for this event. If you purchase the upgrade at some point, VITALITY may be paid a small commission for referring you. I share this incredible event because it is an incredible opportunity to grow and learn — and help VITALITY to grow too!  Please share it with friends too!