This could be you!

“This is the first time I’ve had this many pain-free days in a row for years — all because of Movement Intelligence! Why in the world would I accept surgery or strong medication when a few movements work for me?”

These are the words shared with me yesterday by someone who attended a Movement Intelligence / Bones for Life Immersion and comes to VITALITY’s classes.

Could it be that simple?

Usually, yes. It worked for us when we were small children first navigating the world and growing our brain and nervous system — indeed our whole self! — with each new movement.

The only issue with most adults is that too many of us stopped trying new, gentle movements. And we forgot how to listen deeply to our own luxuriating in movement. And thus we stopped most of our growth.

Think you’re too old to try new things like Movement Intelligence? Tell that to our MANY clients in their 70s, 80s, and 90s who began just a few years ago and are getting great results.

Think you’re too young to need Movement Intelligence? Tell that to me, a very strong athlete and hand-stands-will-save-the-world yogi in my 30s who repeatedly injured myself until I found Movement Intelligence — or it found me. I wish I had known Movement Intelligence when I was coaching high school athletes — looking back, they would have benefitted tremendously and performed even better than they already did!

Just as the daffodils can push the leaves of old seasons out of the way and grow into their beauty, so too can you and me and anyone….

Join us for our next immersions via Zoom that begin Sat, March 13 and you could discover a whole new way to be…and in your own personal style: Bones for Life® / Movement Intelligence®

Only a few days left to register — by midnight Monday, March 8!

Spring is unfurling itself, even in the winter. Even after all those years, Spring knows how…so elegantly and wisely and differently each year, intelligently.

Will you be so wise in this new season?

Brian Shircliff
program director

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