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Staff & Dedicated Volunteers

Our number one teacher is every single person who walks through the door at VITALITY!

Here's are some friends and familiar faces you'll see at VITALITY:

Cynthia Allen is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner, a Senior Trainer in Movement Intelligence, and a co-creator of Integral Human Gait theory.  By day, she helps children and adults find easier ways to navigate life challenges and thrive.  By night, she is dreaming up new options for how we can all become more fully human through awareness, curiosity, elegance and action.  Her absolute favorite VITALITY program is Bones for Life! This work has charged her relationship to gravity in powerful ways.

Cynthia Bedell is a graduate of VITALITY's Yoga/Healing Touch Internship and volunteers her time with the internship, Healing Touch sessions, and yoga classes.  

Richard Bollman, S.J. is former pastor of Bellarmine Parish and Director of programming at the Jesuit Center at Milford, Richard is currently a freelance retreat and spiritual director in Cincinnati.  He often leads worship at Bellarmine and with other communities in the archdiocese, and supports VITALITY out of long experience in the value of a holistic spirituality across denominational lines.  Richard's writing is published in VITALITY's first book, A New Setting of Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises.  He is VITALITY's newest member of the Board of Trustees.

Davi Brown is a graduate of VITALITY's third Yoga/Healing Touch Internship who then went on to complete oodles of other yoga trainings in pranayama (breath-study) including Kundalini Yoga, which she often shares at VITALITY.

Penny Costilla savors journaling above all and puts that avocation into action by sharing with VITALITY.  She hosts some of the Inner Journey sessions.  "Understanding our inner motivations and intentions is accomplished by writing heart-felt thoughts then sharing our new awareness verbally. Everyone in the group is enriched by participating."  And we are too by her kind presence!

Mary Duennes teaches VITALITY's Healing Touch Level 1 & 2 classes.  She recently retired as an outreach nurse (parish nurse) through Good Samaritan/TriHealth.  She has served on VITALITY's Board since its inception.

Denise & Mike Eck offer "VITALITY Cincinnati invites you to open your eyes, mind and heart to being the best you can be though self care education.  My transformation began with yoga and meditation.  Healing Touch helped me deal with a serious ankle injury and subsequent surgery.  Journaling surprised me the most.  VITALITY helped me re'fire' into the local, healthy, organic food movement.  See and join the action. It all would not have been possible without the loving support and encouragement of Denise, who took Healing Touch at VITALITY and offers it around Cincinnati."  Mike serves on VITALITY's Board of Trustees; Denise offered her decorating expertise to the VITALITY renovation in 2010.  Denise studied Healing Touch in VITALITY's second ever class in 2011 and went on to help fortify the Healing Touch Ministry at Christ Church Glendale as one of the coordinators.

Sherry Joy is a graduate of VITALITY's first-ever Advanced Yoga 300-hour Training & Bones for Life Basic Certification.  She has been teaching yoga in Cincinnati for decades and is a leader in the special and most important yoga niche of Restorative Yoga, which she offers to our interns and at special workshops at VITALITY. 

Kevin Laskowski is a graduate of the VITALITY's first-ever neighborhood-based Yoga/Healing Touch Internship in Walnut Hills.  Kevin serves on VITALITY's Board of Trustees.

Joan Lichtman is a graduate of VITALITY's first-ever class of Yoga/Healing Touch Interns.  She serves on VITALITY's Board of Trustees and has taught yoga even on the other side of the world (Cambodia!) as a result of her training!

Melanie Moon is a graduate of VITALITY's fifth class of Yoga/Healing Touch Interns, a very special group that came together in Walnut Hills.  She is rather famous, the face of AARP and a well-known teacher of gentle yoga, Silver Sneakers, fitness, meditation, and prayer all over Cincinnati.  We are all grateful she shares her practice by teaching at VITALITY!

Becky Morrissey has shared Yoga Anatomy at VITALITY's Yoga/Healing Touch Internships since 2011. She recently has offered EmbodiYoga classes and a 300-hour yoga certification at VITALITY.  Becky is a much-loved and much-sought after yoga teacher in Cincinnati and all over Ohio.

Brian Shircliff is a long-time student and teacher of meditation in a thousand different guises:  tai chi, yoga, Zen, teaching meditation and religion at St. Xavier High School for seventeen years, coaching golf and swimming for twelve years, Healing Touch, Movement Intelligence / Bones for Life, and now Feldenkrais Method.  He serves as VITALITY's first Program Director.

Mary Sinclair reminds us that our bodies don't come with a user's manual.  That's why she is passionate about helping herself and others learn to inhabit a body with more ease, strength and sensibility.  Blending principles of Natural Alignment, stabilizing principles of Pilates and the flow and grace of yoga, she leads classes and workshops that transform the body's relationship with gravity.

Carol T. Yeazell honored an instant of grace and insight that led her to join the founding group. "VITALITY opened up paths to yoga, Healing Touch and friendships which continue to bless me with growth and healing."  She is one of VITALITY's most dedicated volunteers! 

And these Founding Members: Hank Burwinkel, Joyce & Tom Choquette, Margee Clarke, Martin Clarke of Creative Tile Concepts, Mary Hutten, Jack Lennon, Allie & George Maggini, Austin Muller, Jim Ollier, Chris Place, Micah Richey, Sue Saylors, Rob Thaler

And these Healing Touch Instructors:  Mary Duennes, Lynn Placek, Dan Snyder

And the Genius of Waters in the center of our downtown who looks over our city (pictured to the left)!