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re(invent) yourself
all are welcome * donation-based programs

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7th Annual Spring & Masters Golf Auction!

Way to be, Sergio, in so many ways!  THANK YOU to all donors - we are very grateful!  :)

  • Bidding is now closed -- 9:00pm.  Details were sent to winning-bidders by email on how to redeem your package.  In addition to Sergio winning, looks like Adam Jesse is the big winner today -- we look forward to your payment ASAP!  Thank you all!

All proceeds support VITALITY Cincinnati's yoga / wellness / community gardening outreach in Winton Hills, Bond Hill, Walnut Hills, Norwood, & Avondale. We are a 501c3 nonprofit - since 2010.

Golf Experiences

Item #1:  One-hour Lesson with PGA Golf Professional Randy Neufarth + $40 range pass at Miles of Golf - Cincinnati (Bidder B$B/Jim Glendon bids $100)

Item #2:  30-minute Clinic for four (4) with PGA Golf Professional Melissa Beck-Yeazell + 9 holes after the clinic at the Tri-County Golf Ranch — great for junior golfers, great for everyone! (Bidder M/Adam Jesse bids $110) 

Item #3:  9-hole playing session: Play a round with PGA Certified Instructor Patrick Foppe at Oasis Golf Course, where he will be able to assess your playing skills - (2) packages available — so the two highest bidders win! (Bidder M/Adam Jesse bids $85 & Bidder E/Mark Weber bids $100)

Item #4:  Clovernook - foursome donated by Bill Dorward of Joseph Leasing (Bidder M/Adam Jesse bids $220) 

Item #5:  Coldstream - foursome to play Tues, Wed, or Thur donated by Peter Kelly of LOTH Inc. (Bidder S/Dave Konermann bids $400)

Item #6:  Four Bridges - foursome and lunch Tues - Thurs, donated by Mike & Denise Stelljes (Bidder B$B/Jim Glendon bids $230)

Item #7:  Hamilton Elks - threesome to play with David Konermann (Bidder N/Rick Gronberg bids $150)

Item #8:  Heritage - foursome donated by Terry Estes (Bidder M/Adam Jesse bids $240)

Item #9:  Hyde Park - threesome to play with JB Buse of LOTH Inc. (Bidder N/Rick Gronberg bids $450)

Item #10: Kenwood - foursome donated by Pam & David Joyce (Bidder M/Adam Jesse bids $310)

Item #11: Legendary Run - foursome donated by Wendy & Dryden Jones (Bidder M/Adam Jesse bids $160)

Item #12: Maketewah - foursome and lunch donated by Charlie Carpenter at the request of Kim & Mark McLaughlin (Bidder M/Adam Jesse bids $270)

Item #13: Traditions - foursome to play Monday - Thursday before 11a & after 2p, Friday before 11a, Saturday after 1p - donated by Byron Armbrister (Bidder M/Adam Jesse bids $330)

Game-Changing Packages 

Item #14: 90-minute Massage and/or Reflexology with Patricia Williams, LMT at her West Chester of the best in town! (Bidder Y/Julie Lucas bids $150)

Item #15: A package of 2 sixty-minute Healing Touch-relaxation sessions with Mary Duennes (Healing Touch Certified Instructor & Florence Nightingale Nurse of the Year Award Winner) at VITALITY (Bidder G/Kevin Laskowski bids $100)

Item #16: A package of 2 forty-five minute Movement Intelligence sessions with Brian Shircliff — could be one-on-one sessions or bring a friend, gentle movements you can do to relieve pain and restore your joints to innocence — at VITALITY (2 packages available . . . Bidder Z/AmyK Winkler bids $50 & Bidder P/Paul Heisel bids $100)

Cincinnati Experiences — one of the great cities on the planet! 

Item #17: $200 Downtown Cincinnati Gift Cards to enjoy restaurants, bars, and fun nightlife donated by Amy & Steve Whitlatch (Bidder C/Brian Shircliff bids $195)

Item #18: Night of Theatre in OTR — includes $50 gift certificate to the Know Theatre & $50 Downtown Cincinnati Gift Card for dinner donated by Stephen Peterson & Chris Bolling (Bidder U/Mary Duennes bids $100)

Item #19: Five FC Cincinnati soccer tickets for Wednesday, July 26 - donated by Anna Byars (Bidder Q/David B Konerman bids $103)

Item #20: Surf & Surf Dinner for 4 & Conversation at the Eck Ranch in West Chester - donated by Denise & Mike Eck (Bidder G/Kevin Laskowski bids $150)

Item #21: A Whole Yoga Studio of Props - - donated by Kevin Laskowski & Tom Payne (Bidder A$A/Jenny Zurad bids $60)

Item #22: A Bucketful of Wine for your next home-gathering - six bottles (Woodbridge Malbec 2014, Jacob's Creek Riesling 2009, Mureda Temperanillo 2012, Rusina Symposia Red 2010, Woodbridge Chardonay 2015, Crane Lake Pinot Noir 2014) - donated by Kevin Laskowski & Tom Payne (Bidder K/Richard Bollman bids $60)

Item #23: Beautiful ceramic/glazed flower pot made by Richard Aerni & Carolyn Dilcher-Stutz.  (approximately 6.5 inches in diameter and 5 inches tall) - donated by Kathy & Dan Aerni (Bidder F/Bob Stewart bids $70)



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