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re(invent) yourself
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Spiritual Exercises


During the 16th century, after a wild life of selfishness that was interrupted by a cannonball, Ignatius assembled ways of reflecting on our lives so that we might grow to be as authentic as possible and live out of such love. At VITALITY, we have published a new setting of these exercises of body-mind-spirit so that a person of any faith or no faith, any age, any walk of life might benefit from the 52 invitations in the book.

All are welcome, and the invitation is all-inclusive of every or no faith tradition, people of all generations from college students to grandparents, people of all walks of life.  

Where to get the book

You can support VITALITY's work by ordering a copy of the book being assembled by VITALITY friends . . . A New Setting of the Spiritual Exercises:  Hearing, Seeing, Feeling Old Stories in New Ways (Dog Ear Press in October 2015) now available for purchase.  Order your copy in one of two ways:

  1. Send a check for $25 to VITALITY Cincinnati, 3925 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45212 . . . 
  2. Use our DONATE NOW button and donate $30 (covers on-line costs):

Discounts are available for bulk orders (of more than five copies) for school/university, community, family, congregational use -- simply call Brian at 513.300.5174 to make arrangements.


We are grateful to Holly Schapker for her wonderful "Ignatius Portrait" (2010, from her Adsum collection) that graces the cover of this book and can be seen on this page.  Holly's work continues to inspire in every way, and we are all grateful for her friendship and vision.  What a gift to our city and our world!

We are incredibly grateful that world-renowned poet Nikki Giovanni and world-renowned scripture scholar Walter Brueggemann have given their blessing for the book.  Julie Lucas created the back cover of the book, a wonderful map of Cincinnati, and our beautiful VITALITY logo.

Authors Dan Price, Tamilla Cordeiro, Brian Geeding, Maureen Sullivan-Mahoney, Bridget Rice, Mike Eck, Carol T. Yeazell, Shelia Barnes, Theresa Popelar, Richard Bollman SJ, Bailey Dixon, Melanie Moon, Jalisa Holifield, and Elizabeth J. Winters Waite contribute their personal lifestories to the book . . . the book's true richness. 

An interview with Jean Marie Stross, Dan Price, and Richard Bollman SJ offer a context to this new setting of the Exercises, part of a larger re-imagining of the Exercises in Cincinnati.


Our first review of the book:  "What a delight to hold and read through your wondrous take on the Exercises. I felt I was back in La Verna! I am so glad that you have published this. It offers so many the opportunity to make the trek into the interior. The story teller in you comes out true and vibrant. I very much like the margins of the book. For notes, observations, further conversation." -- Dr. Arthur Dewey, Theology Professor, Xavier University

And another:  "I love what you did with the psalms." -- Walter Brueggemann, world-renowned scripture scholar

And another:  "I am sure Ignatius is smiling down on this book." -- Brian Geeding, youth minister

From the introduction to this New Setting: "Could it be possible, I wondered as I stood there, to welcome a new setting of the Exercises that might gently, tenderly invite us into our own modern wildernesses, that might help us discover the living heart of the matter . . . the fleshy, beating heart within us that is our life’s true calling . . . to know we are alive, right here, right now, to know the way love wells up within us for this life, for the people we have found ourselves loving, for the love we’ve been given and thrived upon and the love we too often shy away from?  Could it be possible to welcome a setting that invites friends to come together and listen and converse and truly be companions -- bread-breakers and bread-eaters (wheat, challah or gluten-free) -- on the journey together no matter from where we come, no matter our many spiritualities and life-paths and generations?"