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re(invent) yourself
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A New Setting of Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises

The Spiritual Exercises were written by Ignatius Loyola during the sixteenth century during his traumatic recovery from war-wounds, a wild life of family trauma and personal partying.  Through VITALITY’s new setting, we have modernized Ignatius’ prompts and attempted to create invitations that welcome people of all faiths and no faith, of high school students through grandparents, of people who actively meditate/reflect and people who are just beginning.  This 175 page book can be used to gently lead yourself or a small group through this modernized, diverse life-experience, invitation-based setting of the Spiritual Exercises . . . to more readily discover the goodness of life right before our eyes . . . a goodness we so often miss in our fast-paced culture.  Come find your way!


Blessed by These Cincinnatians:


Dr. Walter Brueggemann . . . world’s greatest scripture scholar of our day


Nikki Giovanni . . . world-renowned poet  


Holly Schapker . . . world-renowned artist, her “Ignatius Portrait” graces the cover of our book


Julie Lucas . . . designed VITALITY’s logo and the back cover of the book


All four of these people have shared ideas, stories, or artwork in the book.  These fourteen gifted storytellers share their vision for life:


Dan Price

Tamilla Cordeiro

Brian Geeding

Maureen Sullivan-Mahoney

Bridget Rice

Mike Eck

Carol T. Yeazell

Shelia Barnes

Theresa Popelar

Richard Bollman, S.J.

Bailey Dixon

Melanie Moon

Jalisa Holifield

Elizabeth J. Winters Waite


Brian J. Shircliff wrote the 52 Invitations that invite us to consider the power of our personal story for finding our way through life.  


A copy of this book is available for a $25 donation -- or order it at Amazon:


Praise from Nikki Giovanni: 


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